Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Decided to sell my lovey PUG.... (I'm heart broken)

So sad to let it go, due to family and future use, we need a bigger ride.
and we don't have space for 2 rides. Family or car no question ask, the first thing would be family, right? so I got to sell it... please email me, if you or your friends are interested. please take a good care of her!

Year 2006/07, 0 owner, Lic till 2013/July, full service record since her born, 68,000KM on the clock.
Cam belt, Water pump, Coils, Spark plugs, A/C belt, Clutch and Flywheel just changed few months ago. Very good condition and powerful! No fix needed!


Tunning List:
- Unitronic Stage 1+ Remapped (201 bhp)
- Forge FMCL007P Diverter Valve
- Forge Green spring
- VAG N75J
- K&N Filter
- Bilstein B8 shocks w/ Weitec Springs
- Audi TT MK1 312mm front brake kit
- O.Z. Superturismo GT 8x17" Offset 35mm
- 215/40 R17 Yokohama AD08 Tires
- Ferodo DS 2500 Brake pads
- 312mm Zimmermann Drilled Holes Disks
- Ford mondeo's drop links
- Momo Italy shift knob
- Automatic headlight switch with coming home function
- ECS Stage 1 light weight clutch kit
- Alpine X305 head unit

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fuel filter changed

In the past few months, when cold start the engine, it kinda hard to start, so I did oil change, clean up the air filter and clean up the throttle body but it end up the same. so i decided to change the fuel filter as well.

before you do anything, be sure you release the pressure inside the fuel tank first.  
loosen up the screw and u can take out the fuel filter.

Push back and press the side of the clip and it will come out easy.

This is how the fuel inside the fuel filter... WT*!! there are some small black particles inside the fuel... GOSH......  >.<!
Anyways, lets see a cold start in the morning, see how it works?

What's my next assignment ? G13 coolant... haha

Fuel filter 6X0-201-511-B $130
Labor cost $0

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Engine Oil Changed

Engine changed at 68000KM,
same as what i used to use. Lovely~


DIY $0
Engile oil $420
Oil Filter $60

Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY A/C Belt Changed

Found out there are some wuuwu or jiii jiiii noises when i switch on the AC during summer, and i think is time to change to belt?   LOL

Took you 5 mins to do the job, just released the tensioner (red arrow) with a spanner to free up the belt, and simply put the belt back. and then you are Done!    

Here is the better pic i found on Google, you can see a clear diagram, how the tensioner and the belt work. if you still don't understand it, bring it to a garage and let them do it for you.

Here is how the old belt looks like

Put all the things back. and you are done!

The old belt... 
New belt cost you HKD$140
06A 260 849 K 01

Monday, January 7, 2013


 Found the cable broken on both side .... why?

Now just wrap it with high temperature electric tape, what the hell. hope it will be fine!
I guess is just too hot.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Throttle Body Cleaning & Adaptation

 Throttle body cleaning!
took it out for a inspection, seems getting dirt already after 30,000km run..... i think is time to get it done! get a throttle body cleaner and do the job!

 Suppose to look like bling bling inside, but not now
 Kinda dirt...
 Isn't too bad (i guess) for got to took after pic, it is now bling bling!

after i clean the throttle body i found that... OOPS... its all broken....  replaced with a new one!
Done @66,000 km

Thursday, January 3, 2013

lights and switch.....

What is it? ^o^

it automatic switch on the light, durng night time and tunnel!!
after u switch off the engine, and coming home function! is now enabled!!

Door card side light, lights up when door is opened! off when door closed!
Had a hard time on this for so long, never know which wires is the correct one, so i gave up 2 times, and keep on searching on google, and finially came up some idea and tey to find which wires is the correct one... OH yes!! i got it!!

Here is a tip... enjoy D. I. Y !